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Meet the Team




Liz has been a magistrate for many years in both the criminal and family jurisdiction.


Her work in the family court together with her involvement as a trustee and then co-chair of a domestic violence charity in London for 12 years is the basis for her work as a mediator.


She has a clear understanding of many of the issues that lead parties to seek help when their relationships break down and the damage that a protracted court case can have both for the couple and their children. 

She sees how mediation serves as a less stressful and more constructive way forward achieving long term workable solutions. 

Liz has a thorough understanding of mental health issues through her work as an Associate Hospital Manager.


She is a trustee of a charity which takes entertainers into hospitals for very sick children.


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Tara qualified as a mediator with National Family Mediation. She has also spent many years working as a professional McKenzie Friend (assisting clients representing themselves in court proceedings) and volunteers for a domestic violence charity. 

Tara has a wide range of experience which includes both financial provision and arrangements for children.  She well understands the stress and emotional turmoil that people may go through when separating. 

Over the last 12 years, Tara has helped clients  in a wide range of family hearings, including adoption,  guardianship, child contact arrangements, domestic violence and all aspects of divorce proceedings.

Tara has a CILEX Family Law qualification and is also an Associate Paralegal. 



Lisa is a solicitor and a trained McKenzie friend.

She specialised in commercial property for many years in a Central London firm before turning to supporting clients representing themselves in the Family Court as they went through the process of separation. With this combined experience, Lisa has a strong understanding of the complexities of financial arrangements relating to divorce.

Seeing first hand the emotional upheaval and expense of going through the family courts brought Lisa to train with National Family Mediation as a family mediator and offer a better way for couples ending their relationship.

In addition to this, Lisa has helped to set up an adult education centre in her local community and has worked in a local primary school providing one to one learning support.





Supanya qualified as a mediator with National Family Mediation. Her interest in mediation stems from her experience as a magistrate in the Family Courts, where she often witnesses the difficulties that families experience when going through separation and is familiar with the consequences of an adversarial approach to family disputes.

Her previous career in HIV and development has given her the opportunity to work and live in a number of countries throughout SE Asia and Africa where she gained insight into different cultural practices and beliefs and negotiated between the private and public sector for policy changes.


She aims to bring her professional experience to create a supportive environment where clients can work with mutual respect and come to agreements that meet the needs of their specific situation.



Harriet is a Family Mediation Association trained family mediator and lawyer. She is committed to helping couples who are going through relationship breakdown to achieve positive outcomes  without going to Court. 

Harriet worked as a solicitor in a commercial firm for many years. With her experience as a dispute resolution lawyer, Harriet has seen at first hand that going through the Courts is hugely stressful, costly, time consuming and scary. As a result, she strongly believes that mediation wherever possible is a better way.

Harriet has taught dispute resolution on the Legal Professional Course at BPP University for the last four years and is an experienced lay chairman and trustee.

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