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What is Family Mediation?





Family mediation is a form of dispute resolution where a family mediator helps you to come to your own decisions about what is best for your family.

The process of mediation is voluntary: you choose to take part because you
want to resolve issues without going to Court. You can end the process at any time.

As family mediators we are neutral, which means that we do not take sides, and the
process is confidential. Where children are involved, we aim to ensure that they
stay front and centre in your discussions.

Mediation is not a legal process, but you can consult Solicitors at any time.

 As family mediators we can provide you with legal, financial and other information, but we do not give you legal advice. We create the space for constructive conversations to take place.

No two separating couples have the same problems. We can help you talk, listen and
think about what will work best for you going forward. We take seriously the issues that matter most to you and provide structure for your discussions.

We don’t take sides, we simply help you to move forward with sustainable solutions. 

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