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Terms and Conditions

Charges and Billing


Our charges and billing arrangements are set out as follows:

  • The initial one-to-one meeting with the mediator (or MIAM) costs £105.00 and will last up to one hour.

  • Mediation sessions thereafter are charged at £120 per hour per client (and pro rata

for any period of time less than an hour). Sessions are usually around 90 minutes
long so a typical session costs £180 per person.

  • We will usually provide a session record at the end of each session which is included

in the cost of the session.

  • In addition to the above session cost, you may wish us to draft documentation to

reflect the outcome and agreement reached. This may be a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) for which we charge £150 per person, an open Financial
Summary (OFS) for which we charge £150 per person, or both of these in which case
we charge £250.00 per person. You may also like us to draft a parenting plan which
is £150 per person.

  • Our fees are payable in advance of each session and should be paid by bank transfer.

We do not accept payment by credit card or cheque.

  • You may be eligible for public funding (which used to be known as

legal aid). We do not undertake publicly funded work, but we are happy, upon request, to
provide you with details of mediation services that do undertake such work in your
area and to give you some information to help you decide whether you would be
eligible for public funding. You can check your eligibility here:

  • Invoices in advance of mediation sessions will usually cover 90 minutes of mediation

time plus any additional time incurred from previous sessions that have not yet been

  • If for any reason an invoice remains unpaid prior to the session we reserve the right

to refuse to conduct the session. We reserve the right to refuse to conduct further
sessions while fees remain outstanding.

  • If, in breach of the Agreement to Mediate, we are asked to provide evidence for

court proceedings concerning any aspect of the mediation, both clients will be
responsible for any resultant costs (including legal costs) incurred by the mediators,
which may include any costs relating to a court application that we may make, in
which we ask for the confidentiality of the process to be upheld.

The full agreed fees for one hour of mediation will be charged if a mediation is cancelled
within 48 working hours of the time at which the mediation was due to take place
(excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

We aim to provide a dedicated and high-quality family mediation service. So although we
very much hope that this is not the case, if something does go wrong we would ask you to
contact us directly so that we can have a conversation about it and hopefully resolve the
issue. You can contact us by email or telephone, and you can do this up to 3 months from
the event that has concerned you. Your complaint will be acknowledged with 10 days of receipt, 

and will be investigated and responded to within 30 days of receipt. If further time is needed, we will inform you in writing. If you and the mediator agree, then the complaint can be mediated.

If this doesn’t help, then you can ask the Family Mediation Standards Board FMSB to consider the complaint if certain criteria are met. You will find more details here  

If we receive a complaint from one of you, we will usually inform the other person that a
complaint has been made. (We must do this if a professional adviser we have consulted
about the complaint (normally a PPC – see below) considers that the other person needs to
be informed.)

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